Friday, March 27, 2009

Ghost Medicine by Andrew Smith

I can't really do a review for this book because I didn't finish it. I only got about half way through, but I'll tell you why. It was a book that would more appeal to guys than girls. The main character is a teenage boy, the setting is in a small town and on a ranch. The talk is all boy terminology that mostly does not appeal to girls. And I have 5 brothers... so I'm pretty used what guys say. But there's a lot of stuff about guns and about horses-- the like of which I do not understand at all. It wasn't a bad book. I wouldn't say that. I think it would have gotten way better if I had given it the chance. But I didn't. (My fault not the author's). I'm going to see if I can get my brother to read it because he's totally a ranching guy. My grandfather owns a ranch and all my brothers and my dad go out there and do guy stuff like hunting, and airsoft wars. Haha. I would go because it is pretty fun... but the moments at home when I have silence are too precious to spare.
Sorry I got off track...
Overall: I would recommend this book to boys.

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