Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hot Scots, Castles, and Kilts by Tammy Swoish

Little does 16-year-old Sami Ames know what she’s in for when she and her mother head to Scotland to help their cousins save MacKensie Manor. Sami feels like she’s landed in a medieval time warp. There’s no electricity, no running water, or hair conditioner! But Sami joins in the challenges of daily peasant life in order to get MacKensie Manor up and running as a working farm tourist attraction. She can’t imagine people paying to make soap, dye wool, or milk cows. What’s worse, a ghost has invaded her room. Sami can’t figure out cousin Fiona, who obsesses over an ancient family feud with the McClintoggs, but Sami’s thrilled when she has a close encounter with a hot Scot. Too bad it’s Adan McClintogg!
Character Development: 5/10pts
Originality: 6/10pts
Overall Enjoyment: 6/10pts
Ending: 5/10pts
Voice: 7/10pts
Recommendation: 3/10pts
Total Score: 32/60
Grade: C
Age Appropriate?
Cussing-Not at all
Drugs and Alcohol- Not at all
Sexual Content- None at all
Aimed at age 10 and up
The reason I picked up this book is because I'm traveling to Scotland with my theatre troupe this summer. I thought it would be interesting, and it was. I don't think it's going to be like the experience I will have in Scotland at all, but the book was entertaining.
Tammy Swoish sets up the story as Sami's journal and pursues this well. It's not as descriptive as many other books in the format of a diary, though. In some ways I like that, and in others I don't.
I loved the ghost, Samuel Logan, and that paranormal side to the story added interest.
Overall, I think the events could have been developed a bit more, but it was an enjoyable, quick, light-hearted read, though nothing spectacular. It's one of those books you forget a month after you read it.

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