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7 Days of HP: The Art Aspect


Today is the 6th day of the 7 Days of Harry Potter.
Tomorrow, the last day, the contest will open. Make sure to comment on all of the HP posts for bonus contest points.
Today's topic is...

The Art Aspect

The covers, of course, are an important part of Harry Potter. The cover gives the book color and life. There are different copies of Harry Potter in different places, all over the world, with differing covers.
Here are SOME of the covers of BOOK 1. Keep in mind that this isn't even ALL of them.

That is a lot of different covers, isn't it? And that's not even all of them, there are lots more. Since there are so many, I will instead give you a link to a site that has all the covers for books 1 through 5. Sorry that 6 and 7 aren't there. It's really interesting taking a look at all the different pieces of cover art depicting the story. And on this link you will also see WHERE the covers are from. Check it out here.

Now, the cover illustrators are not the only HP artists. There are millions of fans that show their love for the books through their art.

Here are some pieces by Marta from ArtDungeon.net:

Go check this huge portrait out on a larger scale here.

Here is HOGWARTS OUT OF MATCHSTICKS (with the artist):

By Vanessa from Potter on Paper:

There are also many, many more HP fan artists out there. Google it and see what you find. :)It's now time for...


If you could change ANYTHING in the entire series, what would you change?

Answer in a comment, and see our answers too! SPOILER WARNING FOR ALL WHO HAVE NOT READ HARRY POTTER!


  1. SPOILER ALERT: I wish with all my heart that Fred hadn't died. George and Fred are one and the same, and CANNOT be seperated. :'( That is all that I think should be changed... sniffle, sniffle...

  2. If I could change one thing about the book I don't think I would because I think J. K. Rowling is that brilliant. Although I would like more books and have them be longer. I would love to see her publish the story she has on James and Sirius when they were young. For now I shall have to re-read the series, postcards, school books, and beadle of the bard for yet another time. Sigh...

  3. I would change book 7 so that that Kings Cross chapter didn't need to be just a long Dumbledore-explains-everything chapter. I think if Rowling had had more time, she could have worked the clues in, so that Harry could have come to understand what was going on himself.

  4. SPOILER: I wouldn't have killed Lupin and Tonks. It was just so unfair! Lupin and Tonks had just had a baby! :'( It was poetic, I guess, in that it mirrored Harry's situtation but it was totally sad and possibly unecessary. She could have just injured one of them.

  5. If I could change anything, I would give Harry another love interest. Possibly from Slytherin. I mean, I am not the only person who totally loves the Slytherins. Not all of the Slytherins are that bad.

  6. If I could change one thing, I really didn't want to see Fred die. He was my favorite twin! There are so many people that I didn't won't to die, but I think they all had its meaning and JK is brilliant, so she did what she saw best. Oh and of course I would've loved for the books to be longer or for there to be more. :P


  7. The only thing I want to change is not having the books end as they have. I want Harry to be headmaster and have him up on the podium while the sorting hat sorts his child into a house, hopefully Harry's old house.
    I also hated that Fred had to die. Did he really have to?

  8. Firstly, I wouldn't have Tonks and Lupin dead, but I personally think she did it for a reason. It basically creates the whole Harry Potter story again, an orphan going to Hogwarts, if she wanted to write again then she would know that she could.

    Secondly, there were a few mistakes, 1. In one of the chapters in the 6th book, it says, "the misty FUG of his breath...", I'm pretty sure she meant "fog". 2. In the seventh book when they return to Hogwarts, why is Cho Chang there? She is a year older than Harry so she shouldn't even be at Hogwarts.

    And I didn't realise there were so many covers.

  9. On JKR's site, she said that she had a whole story line about Dean Thomas learning the truth about his father (he never knew that he was a wizard and thought he was a muggle born with a dead-beat dad) but that his story line was sacrificed for Neville's story. Now I love Neville (is that the right spelling?) but I would have loved to learn about Dean too.


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