Sunday, June 28, 2009

7 Days of HP: The Internet Fandom

Today is the 4th day of the 7 days of Harry Potter. Where better to learn about, speculate over, update yourself on, or go crazy over Harry Potter than the Internet?

The World Wide Web just happens to be home to an enormous selection of fansites wholly dedicated to the Harry Potter universe. So many of them have become hugely successful, due in part to J. K. Rowling's interest and the general amazingness of her books. Today we're looking at some of our absolute favorite HP fansites!

Mugglenet was created in 1999 by Emerson Spartz and has become the Place for the Harry Potter Fandom. With over 27 million visitors to date, it is without a doubt a great place to meet new HP lovers, discuss ideas, learn about the history, and keep up on news. On Mugglenet, you can learn everything from name origins to mistakes in the books, you can add to countless threads about thousands of HP-related topics, you can receive movie updates and pics, and you can write and read fanfiction. It's a wonderful thing, really.

Here are some funny HP license plates from MuggleNet:

Mugglenet is my personal favorite, but here is a list of some other awesome fansites:

The Leaky Cauldron

The Harry Potter Lexicon



Harry Potter Fans

Marauder's Map

Also huge among Harry Potter Internet fanatics is the concept of fanfiction--fan-written stories that branch off of the HP world, using JKR-created settings, characters, magic, etc. Here are some links to gigantic fanfic sites: Harry Potter Section

MuggleNet Fanfiction


Have you had any cool, interesting, or amazing Harry Potter experiences?

Please leave your answer in the comments, and see our answers there too! You may be rewarded in the end! For those who have yet to read Harry Potter--POTENTIAL SPOILER WARNING!


  1. The Lexicon is my favorite of those websites, though I'm a little irritated at the author for trying to capitalize on Rowling's work.

    As for amazing experience, my best involved predictions. I said in a previous comment I only started reading the books after #6 came out. When I closed #6, I was so disturbed, because I loved Snape and couldn't reconcile him being evil enough to kill Dumbledore. I tossed and turned and dreamed about this for a few nights, and then one night my brain came up with the perfect theory in a dream: Snape was in love with Lily, his worst memory is when he's so upset he accidentally calls her a mudblood, and Dumbledore knows he can trust Snape because you can't create or hide love with Occlumency. Dumbledore sees the real love there, Voldemort COULD see the real love, but he never looks for love, so he misses that part of Snape. I was so excited when the first part of my theory came true. I think the latter part is still perfect and I kind of wish Rowling had used something like that, rather than just saying Snape was a superb liar.

  2. Reading the books themselves was a cool and amazing experience for me. I had always loved reading, but when I read Harry Potter, it was unlike any other of my reading experiences. I was so engrossed in the books, even when I wasn't reading them, what was happening in them was twirling around in my brain, making me want to get back to them as fast as possible. It was also the first books to create so many emotions in me. There were parts that I was jumping up and down squealing about, storming and shouting angry about, contemplative, sad, nervous, shocked... it was just FANTASTIC! I LOVE HARRY POTTER! :)

  3. MuggleNet is my fave. They had these really funny rewritten songs on there a while ago, it was hilarious. =)
    As for experiences and whatnot, Harry Potter helped me reach out to a relative whom I love that lives in another state. I'd wanted to email her for a long time, but could never think of anything to say, so when summer came around and I started reading HP again while waiting for DH, I emailed her about my progress and what I thought of the books. She emailed back and we got to talking about books, then it progressed onto what we were doing and so on and now we keep in touch once a week! So, yeah, aside from actually reading them, that's my best experience I guess. ^_^
    PS> I didn't believe Snape was evil either! I didn't have any revelations about it or anything, but I had a definite feeling.

  4. My favorite HP site would have to be Mugglenet. I love their humor.

    But the books have led me to two amazing experiences. One is that HP makes it possible to talk to perfect strangers because everyone has read these books and everyone has a great HP story. The other is that it really made me love reading and that has led me to want to be an English teacher so that I can share my love of reading with others.

  5. I have had so many fun and amazing time because of this book. I have first of all been apart of something bigger than myself. We aren't just fans we have become a community. Some of my amazing times have included many midnight releases of the books. I even made a costume to show my love.

  6. Mugglenet is my favorite Harry Potter site. :)

    I've had so many Harry Potter experiences, is hard to pick just one. I've probably would've never like fantasy books/movies as much as I do now, if it weren't for HP. I would've never met all the people I've met at the midnight premieres or I had so much fun reading Harry Potter, I had so many emotions and experience so many things. HP allowed me to me imaginative and think about many things. I had so much fun in 2007. I was so anxious about Deathly Hallows coming out. I remember analyzing the book cover and making predictions about what was going to happen. I had an amazing time with HP.


  7. My first experiences with fantasy were actually the Terry Brooks books Magic Kingdom for Sale/Sold and the Black Unicorn. But when the HP books came out those books paled beside HP. Not sure that I can say I have had any experiences except to say that they are the only books that I have ever read more than once and also that I loved every single book even the dark ones just because they were so wonderfully written.

  8. Well, my friends and I sometimes say random quotes from it. I love Potter Puppet Pals, it's pretty cool.


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