Monday, June 29, 2009

7 Days of HP: Spoofs
Today is the 5th day of the 7 days of Harry Potter.
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And without further ado, today's topic is...

Both lovers and haters of Harry Potter cannot deny that the spoofs are funny. We'll share some of the best with you today:
The Mysterious Ticking Noise

Snape Singing

Harry Potter the Musical


Harry Potter and the Outcasts of Hogwarts

It is now time for...

What is your favorite NAME (of people, spells, places, or things) that JK Rowling used in any of the Harry Potter books?

Comment with your answers, and see our comments there too.

Happy Harry Potter Day 5!


  1. My first thoughts are the Deluminator, because I was so tired of that thing being called a "Put-outer."

  2. I have two favorites:
    Moste Potente Potions and Abyssinian Shrivelfigs. I also love all of the name choices she uses for her characters. They fit the characters' personalities so well.

  3. The puppet show was hilarious! That and the Outcats of Hogwarts were my faves.
    My favorite word is probably Avada Kedavra because it sounds like abracadabra, which is the most cliche Muggle magic phrase there is. I always found that kinda funny. I also liked how all the names fit the people so well, like how Remus Lupin was a werewolf.

  4. Outcasts of Harry Potter was hillarious and of course the mysterious ticking noise is classic!!!

    I love the names and the spells especially since they are based off of Latin Roots my faveorite spell is expecto patronum which is literally translated into latin as callinug upon a guardian which i think is so cool!

  5. First of all I want to say how much I Love this Contest. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Harry Potter books. My favorite name is still probably Hermione. When I first read the book I was around eight and didn't know how to say her name so I called her Imogene (from another book). I loved how in the Goblet of Fire J. K. Rowling tells us how to pronounce it. Now I know it's Her-my-oh-nee!

  6. My favorite would have to be Albus Percivule Wolfric Brain Dumbledore--even if I don't know how to spell it. I just love characters that have tons of names. It says a lot about their character and that of their parents. And it is my favorite HP trivia question to stump my smarty pants sister.

  7. Its a close one; J.K uses so many great names. Ok, so my favourite is 'Peskipiksi Pesternomi', one of Lockhart's useless spells, when he is trying to control the pixies he released.

  8. I love Harry Potter the Musical! :D

    First off, I think JK Rowling is a genius for all the names she came up with! I love all the Black's name because they're all dealing with astronomy and I love astronomy and stars and all of that. I love the name Draco too!


  9. J. K. Rowlings was amazing. Words and actions that no one would ever have thought up she has brought to life. I loved the moving portraits and pictures. The Whomping Willow was terrific and also the Howlers. Who else could have thought of those things? We now call ourselves muggles something as simple as that is perfect.

  10. Ha Ha! Too funny, I already saw the first video. And to answer your question, mine was "Babbity Rabbity and her Cackling Stump".

  11. My favorite Harry Potter words are "Wingardium Leviosa!" and "Expelliarmus" :-)


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