Friday, June 26, 2009

7 Days of HP: Theme Park

Today is the second day of the 7 days of Harry Potter.
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Today we're featuring...Oh yes... the Harry Potter Theme Park.
This AWESOME place should be opening sometime between December 15, 2009 and June 30, 2010 in Universal Studios Florida.
The building of it will cost between $235 and $263 million dollars.
Here is the concept art:




Want to check out pictures of what's happening with the construction NOW?
Go here.

To check out the official theme park website, click here.

Now it's time for...


If you could visit any of the magical places from the books, which would you choose?

Leave your answer in a comment, and see our answers there too.


  1. Definitely Hogwarts... or Hogsmeade Village. Aw, it's such a hard question. Sorry about that. There are so many cool places I would like to go: The Burrow, Gringotts, Diagon Alley. But I think Hogwarts is the winner.

  2. Oh, oh, oh! I didn't know they were doing a theme park. My husband's going to think I'm such a dork for wanting to go...

    I would like to visit Diagon Alley. There's so much to see there!

  3. I think I would have to say Hogwarts or Diagon Alley. :-) Or The Burrow.

  4. I can't wait to go to the Harry Potter theme park! I've never been to Florida, but I am totally going to go for this. : )

    I would LOVE to go to Hogwarts. I'd visit Doby in the kitchens, have fun in the room of requirement, try to learn how to fly a broom, read for hours in the library and so on. I'd be there forever! It would be awesome.

  5. Too many places to choose from but to narrow it down to three i would have to say Hogwarts, Hogsmade, and i would have to see the quiditch world cup :)

  6. Oh, that's a hard one! Okay, okay, I know!
    Hogwarts at Christmas time. I would love to spend Christmas at Hogwarts, it's so pretty! And the parties, even though there's never many people there, sound great! And the food... Mmmm! ^_^
    That's like my version of "Paris in the Fall".
    Either that or the Room of Requirement. That's always been my favorite spot. I'd want hammock chairs and swings and a rockwall and an ice cream buffet and a magic closet full of clothes from Free People and...

  7. I would definitely go to Hogwarts! And then while I was there I would sneak into the laundry room, get some robes and hang around until that stop asking that ridiculous question "Aren't you a Muggle?"

  8. I definitely want to visit Hogwarts. I sounds like such an amazing place. And maybe while I am there I get find Fred and George to sneak me into Hogmeade.


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  10. Squee!! I'm wicked excited about this theme park! It seems like just yesterday they started working on it, and now it will be here no later than a year!

    If I could visit any of the magical places, I would, without a doubt, choose to go to Hogwarts!! I would definitely go to the Room of Requirement! How cool would that be? Than, I'd go down into the kitchens and spend some time with Dobby! I'd go onto the quidditch field and test out my seeker and/or keeper abilities! And, of course I would have to go into the library. Hopefully, Madame Pince wouldn't kick me out!!! :D


  11. Diagon Alley to buy all the things I need and then head to Hogwarts to go to school. Well, it is a little late for me to go to school but I think with my hooked nose I would make a good witch.

  12. Knockturn Alley, so I can obtain dark potions. MWHAHAHAHA!!!!

    lol, jk. I'd choose the Weasley's House, cause it would be an awesome experience.

  13. I couldn't choose just one--I'd have to go to them all!!!! Yay! :-)


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