Thursday, June 25, 2009

7 Days of HP: Wizard Rock

Today is the first of the 7 Days of Harry Potter, which will end with a fantastic contest.
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Each day we will feature some great HP stuff, and a question that we will give you our answer to, and YOU will answer in your comment.
Today we are featuring...

The world of Harry Potter takes on a new dimension as people promote the fantastic series through music. Is it only rock music? No. Wizard Rock branches out into tons of different genres of music. New musicians appear all the time, adding their contribution to the Wizard Rock Community. Many of the wrockers donate their CD earnings to charities. How rockin' awesome!?!

Our favorite wrockers are HARRY AND THE POTTERS. They were among the first wizard rockers out there. Brothers Paul and Joe DeGeorge started their band in 2002 and played in their parents' backyard. From then, they have evolved and had tons of amazing experiences with their rock. We saw them in concert and had an unbelievable time. We LOVED them! They are so much fun and so alive on stage. Visit their site here, and find out even more about these awesome brothers. Here are some pictures:

Go here to listen to some of the Harry and the Potters' hilarious songs!

There are also some videos of them performing on you tube. They aren't very good quality, so I didn't post them, but if you want to go check them out, the two Harrys are tons of fun to watch.

Harry and the Potters aren't the only awesome wizard rockers. There are many, many more. Click here to see a list of all Wizard Rock bands known to man. Another cool site to visit is Check it out!

And now for...


Are you a Harry Potter fan?

Comment with your answer, and you will see our answers in the comments as well.


  1. YES, I am a MAJOR HP fan. It was obsessive 3 years ago when I first read them. I'm not as crazy as I was anymore. Haha. But I still cherish the series and plan to reread them soon. Now tell me what YOU think!

  2. I'm a huge HP fan. I wasn't for a long time. I refused to read the series until coerced after the 6th book came out. I then read them over and over for a year. I've read the first 6 books about 25 times each and reread them at least once per year. I know, I'm a dork.

    I actually hadn't heard of Wizard Rock until I read Melissa Anelli's Harry, a History earlier this year. I went and looked up a lot of bands on myspace. My favorite was Draco and the Malfoys.

  3. Yes! I got the books when I was younger and didn't like them. I was more into Junie B. Jones and that's about it. But a year or two ago, I read all of the books and loved them! :)

  4. I love Harry Potter! I haven't seen any wizard rock shows but I've always wanted to see some. They've never been near enough to where I live. Have you heard Ministry of Magic's parody of Apologize?? I love it!

  5. Um of course! Who isn't?

    I love HP and I'm currently rereading the series before the movie!

    I also love Wizard Rock! I really love Harry and the Potters, Draco and the Malfoys, Ministry of Magic, The Parselmouths, and the Moaning Myrtles!

  6. Goodness, yes, I am a gigantic HP fan! My father began to read them to me when I was five and I have loved them ever since! I have been a loyal fan through five new HP releases, from Prisoner of Azkaban to Deathly Hallows. I've read books one through six about twenty times and I'm still not tired of them! :-D

    Elise and I had a very memorable summer during which all we could think about was Harry Potter--and if it wasn't related to HP, we could MAKE it related to HP. Whoo!

  7. OMG Yes!!!! and to prove it....I bought a griffindor t-shirt today LOL :)

  8. I so so so love Harry Potter. He is the reason I'm majoring in English. He made me love reading so much. But we went to the last three midnight releases and I made robes for my sister and I and bought the house ties and have the US and UK editions and toy Norbert, Fluffy, Crokshankes...and I'd better stop before I scare people! I just love Harry Potter

  9. I am SO a Harry Potter fan! It's the first series that really got me into reading and the first time I was really pulled into a book. And I feel like I grew up with them! I've spent half my life waiting for and reading these books. Every summer I'd reread the whole series in anticipation of the newest installment, which worked out great, because I was always third in line for the book after my two older sisters. I think I'm gonna keep up the tradition of reading them annually.

  10. I LOVE Harry Potter. I have been apart of the series nearly since the beginning (book 2) and haven't stopped now even when all the books are out. It is sad to say how much I have collected over the years including the English, British, and special editions editions. I even made a Harry Potter robe and got the tie to wear to the releases!


  11. Am I a Harry Potter fan?! YES. Absolutely, yes. I got the first book in first grade, although I didn't fully enjoy the series until a couple a year later when I could read the books with no problem. At the Deathly Hallows midnight release, I cried a little inside, I was so sad that the books were over. I am so incredibly excited for the Half-Blood Prince midnight premiere, I can't wait to dress up and see this movie. I've been waiting way to long. I even have a Half-Blood Prince wall calendar for this year. This month featured Draco Malfoy and July features Hermione Granger!! :)


  12. Yes, I am no youngster but have been a Harry Potter fan right from the beginning. I have read all the books twice, seen all the movies and have bought all the DVD's of the movies that are out. I even enjoy talking to my grandchildren, yes, my grandchildren about HP. So yes, I am a fan!!

  13. DEFINETLY! I have read every Harry Potter book 5 times apart from the 6th which I have read 13 times!!!

  14. I LOVE Harry Potter books and I like the movies, so yeah, I am. I just love them! I can't stop reading it in the night!


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