Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hungry for Catching Fire!

I finished The Hunger Games a couple of days ago and absolutely LOVED it. It's probably the first science fiction book that I have actually enjoyed. It was amazing. I know that you have probably already heard this millions of times... so I'll get on with it. I can't wait for Catching Fire!


Read SM's review of The Hunger Games here. I agree with absolutely everything she says. :)

Also, I've fished up some trailers for you guys. There are many fan-made trailers for Hunger Games on you tube, but I really liked this one:

And here is the trailer for Catching Fire:

I also have a question for all of you who have already read The Hunger Games, just out of interest (please no spoilers!):

When it comes to Katniss, are you for Peeta, Gale, or neither?


  1. Whoa, the trailer for Hunger Games was awesome! I can't wait to read it. I heard it's really creepy, but that only has me more interested. I wanna see for myself.

  2. The Hunger Games has been one of my favorite books of 2009. I can't wait for Catching Fire!

  3. I'm torn between the two, but the end just... arggh. I would have to say Peeta right now.

  4. The Hunger Games has been on my favorite list for a while now. I love it. =)
    And that's a hard question. I LOVE Peeta, but I think that Katniss loves Gale. I don't know. I'm going to have to read it again before Catching Fire comes out. I like trying to guess who she'll choose. ;-)
    Who are you for, Peeta, Gale or neither??

  5. It's difficult but I think I prefer Peeta.

  6. I personally like Gale. I think Katniss does too, but I'm not sure if she'll "choose" him when it comes right down to it. I don't dislike Peeta at all, I just think he's not right for Katniss. :-)


  7. I can't WAIT for this book or this MOVIE to come out! I think it's unfair for me to choose a side since I've seen much more Peeta than Gale, but so far, I love Peeta. If Katniss doesn't want him, I'll take him :)


  8. I feel bad for Peeta, but I like Gale so much more. I don't really know HOW I do... I just think that Katniss does, and I almost always end up agreeing with the main character. I like Peeta a lot, but I think Gale is a better match for Katniss. I don't know! And I guess I won't know until Catching Fire comes out... Gah!

  9. Peeta!!, no, Gale. no, Peeta....
    Must I choose, really? is "yes" a choice?

  10. hoho XD

    Peeta . Who else ?



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