Monday, August 24, 2009

Sea Glass by Maria V. Snyder

This book will be available August 25th, 2009.


Student glass magician Opal Cowen's newfound ability to steal a magician's powers makes her too powerful. Ordered to house arrest by the Council, Opal dares defy them, traveling to the Moon Clan's lands in search of Ulrick, the man she thinks she loves. Thinks because another man--now her prisoner--claims Ulrick's desire for blood magic has eclipsed his passion for her.

In hostile territory, without proof or allies, Opal isn't sure whom to trust. She can't forget Kade, the handsome Stormdancer who doesn't want to let her get close. And now everyone is after Opal's special powers for their own deadly gain...


Character Development: 10/10
Originality: 10/10
Overall Enjoyment: 10/10
Ending: 10/10
Voice: 10/10
Setting: 10/10
Recommendation: 10/10
Total: 70/70

Grade: A+

Age Appropriate?

Cussing: Some, but not too frequently or offensively.
Alcohol, Drugs, etc: Some drinking. Some "drug" use (by which I mean addictive substances or activities, though it is a fiction thing) but not by protagonist.
Sexual Content: Several scenes, not very descriptive. Some near-rape.
Disturbing Images/Violence: Some graphic and bloody scenes. Some potentially disturbing narration involving torture and murder, etc.


You all know that I absolutely adore Maria V. Snyder, but she has really outdone herself this time. I thought Storm Glass was excellent, and it was--but Sea Glass is even better. It was phenomenal! Flawless prose, tortured narration, beautiful plot development! Intrigue, mind games, romance, action. An achingly alluring setting. This continuation of Opal's story has it all.

Like her previous books, Sea Glass is an epic tale. It deals with political, magical, and murderous complications that affect entire nations. Yet unlike the Study Trilogy and the prequel, this installment deals more with the emotional. Friends become traitors. Lovers become enemies. Captors become accomplices. And vice versa. Throughout, the story is laced with misunderstanding, disbelief, and betrayal that is told through Opal's very clear and honest voice.

In almost 400 pages, Opal's attitude and character perceptibly change in a way that is wholly right. She reacts to her situation as I believe a human would, and what she takes away from these events shape her into a more mature, hardened woman that Snyder captures beautifully with her words. We see her develop, we change along with her, in a way that is new and vital to the story.

Snyder writes with a realism and attention to detail that is both surprising and intensely satisfying. She conveys the havoc of Opal's life with ease, weaving it with speculation, growth, and discovery. I was engrossed in her words yet again. She has proven once more that she is worthy of every merit and compliment I have bestowed upon her. And as much as I long for the third and final book, I don't know what I'll do with myself when this story comes to an end.


  1. You know, I'm really not that keen on starting to read another series, but this one sounds pretty good. I'll have to see if I can find Storm Glass.

    I've got an award for you! You can pick it up here:

  2. This book looks sooo good. Great review.

  3. Your review was absolutely fantastic! I can't wait to get my hands on this series. Maria V. Snyder is definitely one of my fave authors =)

  4. Great review! Is this where we enter for the contest??

    Loved the book! A signed copy would be super sweet!

  5. The book sounds really good. I love these series. I can't wait for SPY GLASS to come out next year!

  6. I love Maria's books! The review for this book is great, I can't wait to read it!

  7. I enjoyed the first book in this series tremendously, and I agree that the second book is certain to be just as much fun as the first.
    Maria V Snyder is a wonderful author, and a delightful person whose Poison Study series should go down in fantasy/romance history as one of the most compelling ever.
    The characters that Snyder has produced in her books are fascinating and full-bodied, enough so that you find yourself wanting to meet them! Her prose is clean and muscular and her plots brisk and not at all fussy. I highly recommend her works to all
    those who enjoy good storytelling and finely drawn characters.


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