Friday, October 2, 2009

In the True Spirit of Banned Books Month...

The Book Muncher has responded to the protests to the "controversial" topics covered in the new-ish book Castration Celebration by Jake Wizner in
She is a true advocate for the support of teen awareness/intelligence, and generally an awesome person.


  1. Thank you for posting this. I hate it when people jump to conclusions and are ban happy. (And thanks for answering my previous post. Do your teachers ever use you blog in the class? Or have you give quick book talks? Or would you no like that? Sorry for the questions, but I do not want to be a teacher that stifles creativity.)

  2. Not at all! I'm enjoying your questions. :-) If you have many more, you can always email me ( Anyway, your questions--The teacher that really supports our blog, our English teacher, doesn't use it in class as far as I know, and I haven't talked to a class about books. Teachers, yes, and sometimes clubs or something. I would enjoy that, though, I think... I always love talking about books! And there are always people in classes that like to read but never know where to go to find good books. I think blogs in general are a great way to find some, and people need to know about them.

    Thanks for your questions. They're fun. :-)


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