Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Revised Reviewing

Elise and I have conferred, and we have decided to revamp our reviewing style. The number and letter ratings are staying, as well as the Age Appropriate stuff, but we're just adding in things that we think are necessary. If you agree, let us know! If not, let us know that too so we can perfect this thing. Thanks! :-)

EDIT 11/5/09: We are removing the "Recommendation" portion of our number reviews to keep our number ratings consistent and easy to deal with. Besides, with Overall Enjoyment as a category, Recommendation is somewhat superfluous. And it's what the review is for, right? :-)

Changes are in orange.


Release date (if not yet released).

Grading Scores: A+:61-70 pts= Fantastically amazing! A: 51-60 pts= Great B: 41-50 pts= Good C: 31-40 pts= put-downable D: 21-30 pts= Not so great F: 0-20 pts= Ew
(moved from below Rating to make it more accessible for at-a-glance readers)

Synopsis: from the jacketflap.

Character Development: x/10pts
Originality: x/10pts
Overall Enjoyment: x/10pts
Ending: x/10pts
Voice: x/10pts
Setting: x/10pts
Plot: x/10
Total Score: x/70

Obtained: Where did we get it?

Age Appropriate? G/PG/PG-13/R

Cussing: Keep in mind that we are doing this based on a Young Adult audience.
Drugs, alcohol, etc.:
Sexual Content:
Disturbing Images/ Violence:

Review: My thoughts; both positive and negative things about the book. See below for Review Policy.

LINKS: We will now provide links to author or book sites that are relevant, as well as to related posts and reviews on Reading Rocks.

This is our updated review policy that now has a cozy little place in the sidebar!
  • We do not review e-books.
  • Young Adult books take priority over others.
  • Books that we did not specifically ask for or agree to review will have low-priority.
  • We cannot guarantee that books that are not specifically YA (i.e. Middle Grade, Adult, nonfiction, etc) will be reviewed.
  • However, if we do request or agree to review a book, it will get reviewed.
  • We will always be honest in our reviews, despite any personal contact with the author or publisher.
  • We will abide by the wishes of the author or publisher as much as possible regarding dates and times and content.
  • We will maintain a professional attitude at all times, in regard to all things.
PS - keep your eye out for edits, because this is completely subject to change!


  1. I'm seeing a lot of bloggers revamping their review format. I think the new additions are good. I've been trying to put m,ore links in my posts as well. Time-consuming, but something I like to have there for a reader

  2. I looks great!!
    but, I noticed that your A+ score is still 61-70, when you've added ten more points, with plot, so that your total is 80

    thought you might want to fix it!!(unless it was purposefully, if so, awesome job!)


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