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Tagged by Mara Purnhagen

This book will be available March 2010.

Grade: A


Kate is just as confused as her best friend, Lan, when she arrives at Cleary High School to find the building's been "tagged" with a life-size graffiti mural. Could the culprit be one of their friends or classmates? And is the king-of-amazing creation really vandalism, or a work of art? She's tempted to atay out of it--mostly because, as the police chief's daughter, she's worried about being labeled a snitch. But when the same mysterious graffiti starts appearing throughout the state, putting more pressure on authorities to catch the vandal, her investigative instincts kick in.

Now Eli, Kate's favorite coworker at the local coffee shop, is MIA. With Lan preoccupied with her own boy troubles, Kate needs to figure out some things on her own. Like why she can't stop thinking about Eli. And what she will do when all the clues about the graffiti point to someone she's close to...


Character Development: 8/10
Originality: 6/10
Overall Enjoyment: 7/10
Ending: 8/10
Voice: 8/10
Plot: 8/10
Setting: 9/10
Total Score: 54/70

Obtained: Finished paperback copy provided by publisher (Harlequin TEEN).
Age Appropriate? PG

Cussing: Some (I think)
Alcohol, Drugs, etc: Not much.
Sexual Content: Limited, if any.
Disturbing Images/Violence: Hmmm...nothing, I think. One brief mention of child prostitution, but nothing too bad.


While I had some major issues with the cover (see our latest Cover Story), I mildly enjoyed reading Tagged. It was a pretty average high school drama novel, complete with popular rich chicks, MTV, huge parties, and boys. Kate was an intelligent, mostly likable character with an interesting voice. While I did not admire her weakness where social acceptance was concerned, she had many endearing qualities that made her story a good one.

Tagged questions what art is and how people react differently to it. I loved the bizarre image of the graffiti gorillas that seemed so random yet so right. The author did a good job of crafting those images and making them at once symbolic and entertaining.

With fairly well developed characters, a detailed and believable plot, and some quirky philosophical points about talent, self-image, and art, this book was a pretty decent read. Fans of high school lit will appreciate Purnhagen's narrative and ideas. While I didn't love it, it was not a waste of time. It's a short read, but not a bad one.


Mara Punrhagen

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  1. I actually expected a liitle more than typical high school drama from this one, but since it got an A and it soudns pretty good I'll still give it a try!!! Great Review!!!

  2. Great review as usual. Your opinion always means allot to me :)

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  4. I love your blog!
    And also, I gave you an award on mine.


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