Thursday, March 11, 2010

Searching For Stories

We are really excited to start hosting guest posts by... you.
Authors, bloggers, readers, everyone... we want to hear from you.
These posts can be about anything bookish. Get creative. Photos, videos, anything that will inspire people to pick up a book.
Has a book ever changed you?
Have you shared a cherished book with a friend?
Have you watched a book change someone else?
Has a book sent you on an epic adventure?
Please, please, please, tell us about!

Do you have recipes from food in books?
Have you traveled to the setting of a beloved book?
Do you have extremely strong opinions about anything going on in the literature world that you want to share?
Do you want us to pass on some bookish news?
Do your pets enjoy reading?

These are only some questions out of many. Think about it. Get your voice out there, your story out there, we're very excited to hear it. There's no certain length or criteria, just that it comes from you and is related to books.
You rock our socks!


  1. Fun idea!

    The Twilight series got me reading again. It reignited my long last passion for reading and encouraged me to start trying YA fiction when I hit a slump.

    I am always checking out recipes from books :) I love how some cozy mysteries include their recipes in the back.

    My dogs LOVE when I read. It's snuggle time.

    I'm dying to check out Forks (lame I know but so true).

    Labor Day by Joyce Maynard changed me in that it made me realize I have to strive my best to never let my saddness about something rule me.

    FAB questions!
    Good luck collecting answers.

  2. P.S.
    I linked to this post on my blog today :) Happy Friday!


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