Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Book Showcase: And Another Thing

Out June 29, 2010 in Trade Paperback!

AND ANOTHER THING... features a pantheon of unemployed gods, everyone's favorite renegade Galactic President, a lovestruck green alien, an irritating computer, and at least one very large slab of cheese. Will Arthur ever get a decent cup of tea? Will Random overcome her teenage angst? Will the group survive a cocktail hour at Club Beta? All of your answers will finally be questioned in AND ANOTHER THING...
(Synopsis from ARC)
Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series has sold over 16 million copies, and has been adapted for stage, television, and movie screen, as well as being created into a comic book and video game. Therefore, it is very popular, meaning... if you like satire and science fiction, you should read it.

Eoin Colfer is the author of the internationally best selling Artemis Foul Series. Please watch the video below for some more info about his inspiration for And Another Thing (and for some good entertainment!).

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