Tuesday, June 29, 2010


We're a bit conflicted about our new layout, so if you have a minute and want to check it out and answer the simple poll question to the right, it would be much appreciated.

The poll closes Monday, July 5th.

--Elise and Shakespeare's Muse

PS - Based on our feedback from our lovely readers, I think we're going to keep the layout, but we went ahead and changed the banner color, so...opinions? Do you wonderful people have any other suggestions?


  1. I like this layout; it is clean and clear. What about a colored banner that picked up a color in one of the books? That might give it a little more "umph" without changing a good layout

  2. LOve the background, love the clean layout, but I agree with Helen about the header, maybe just changing the color would give it a bit more pop.

  3. Agree with Juju. I understand you guys might be pining for a change, but I miss the old layout. It was eye-catching and unique. While this new layout is easy to navigate, it looks like every other YA blog out there. If you must change it, I suggest changing it to something with a little more pop than this layout.

  4. I agree that it just looks like every other YA blog out there. Ya need more POP and PIZAZZ!


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