Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Harlequin Teen Panel

A panel for teen readers to participate in giveaways and discussions, receive Advanced Readers Copies of books, as well as receive a member-only newsletter.

Harlequin Teen is looking for girls ages 13 to 17 who live in the USA and love to read young adult fiction. Parental consent is required. To learn more about how to join, please click here.

What do you do as a member?
You’ll be contacted at least once a month via email with a survey or discussion about books and other topics. You should also know that the panel was created for market research only, which means you are not going to be sold anything--ever--Harlequin Teen is only interested in getting your honest opinions.


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  1. Thanks! I joined the teen panel! I can't wait for all the freebies!


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