Monday, July 12, 2010

Nerds Can Rock Too!

A while ago we went to a wizard rock concert that blew our minds! We weren't familiar with any of the bands playing, but now have some AWESOME people to introduce you too.

Lauren is one of The Moaning Myrtles and is also an Armoured Bearcub (in which her and her boyfriend, Matt Maggiacomo, sing nerdy songs not necessarily about Harry Potter). She is basically a super adorable nerd all the time and I absolutely love her! Here are some of her songs:

Armoured Bearcub (Lauren and Matt)- Peeing in a Bottle (Papertowns by John Green)

More awesome songs by Armoured Bearcub:

We're on Fire (Hunger Games)
In Which Buffy Slays Edward
A Song from Moaning Myrtle:

Justin Flinch-Fletchy

JFF has an amazing, enthusiastic stage presence and really got the audience rocking. "For the past few years Justin has been touring the US and Canada performing in libraries, bookstores, clubs, and many other places helping to promote literacy, arts, activism, and equality throughout. Justin Finch-Fletchley combines wit and insight along with an unbridled amount of passion and energy to bring eager wizard rock fans their dose of catchy sing-along wizard rock music." (

Listen to JFF's songs here.

Luke Conard and Kristina Horner

These people are ahhhhmazing. Nuff said.

Hey Kristina (in which Luke woos Kristina)

Go HERE to listen to the rest of their super cool songs (such as World of Warcraft Ruined My Life, I Love Brains, and Don't Unplug Me).

Also, check out Kristina's other band, The Parselmouths.

That was only a few of the awesome people we saw. So go web stalk them! THEY ROCK!

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