Monday, August 23, 2010

Some Bookish News

Happy 90th Birthday to Ray Bradbury, the brilliant author of the popular Fahrenheit 451.

UCLA posted an online tribute to Bradbury here:

See a post we did last year for banned book month about Fahrenheit 451 here.

Also, an awesome new site has been launched in this past month: The Contemps!

The following authors are working together on this project:

Brent Crawford
Michael Nothrop
Hannah Harrington
Sarah Ockler
April Henry
Micol Ostow
Kirsten Hubbard
Lisa Schroeder
Denise Jaden
Elizabeth Scott
Kody Keplinger
Mindi Scott
Jo Knowles
Emily Wing Smith
Lindsey Leavitt
Courtney Summers
Sarah Darer Littman
Kristen Tracy
Melissa Walker
Sarah Benett Wealer
Daisy Whitney

Sarah Ockler states that their mission is to "to help teens, booksellers, librarians and publishers connect with books that feature true-to-life settings, characters, and situations."

Visit the site here.
Follow The Contemps on Twitter here!

That's all for today. Happy reading!

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