Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Interview with Pam Bachorz

is the author of Candor and Drought (coming Jan 25 2011!), both stories about "worlds just one twist away from ours". 

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How do you classify the novels you write? Why do you choose to write novels like these? 

I like writing books about worlds just one twist away from ours... things that maybe are out there, if we squint and really look for them. I like writing books like these because my favorite stories are ones that just MIGHT happen... but are still fascinating in a way that our everyday world is not.

What do you consider the most important aspect of a good story? 

For me, good writing is where a good story starts. I'll go anywhere a great author wants to take me with their story. I love when I read something completely outside of my typical reading genres, and be completely sucked in simply because the writing was stellar.

Is there a specific event/idea/thing that inspired you to write DROUGHT? 

DROUGHT has several inspirations. The first was literally a flash of a vision. I was driving down a country road in upstate NY, and passed by an old red barn. For just a moment, I imagined a table inside, with a cloudy glass of water on it. A drop of blood fell in the water. So I played with that. The other inspiration is the setting: DROUGHT is set in the woods of upstate NY, where I spent my summers as a child.

What do you hope your readers take away from this book? 

I hope, first and foremost, that they are entertained. Second, I hope the story perhaps gives readers the determination to do what they know is right, and to follow their own hearts.

How do you think the issues and themes in DROUGHT are most relevant to young adult readers? 

I think young adult readers will identify with Ruby's dilemma of wanting to please her "family" while also needing to grow into an adult and follow her own dreams... Ruby has to make some tough choices that could mean angering or even losing her family. I also think young adult readers will identify with, at some level, Ruby's survival and fight against brutality. While most of us don't face a man with a whipping chain every day (thank goodness), we all have bullies in our lives. 

PAM BACHORZ was interviewed by READING ROCKS on JANUARY 11, 2011.

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