Saturday, February 12, 2011

For you aspiring writers out there...

“No one can tell your unique story but you, and you will be amazed at how your voice can not only change your future, but will inspire people, near and far, to change our world for the better.”

Concern's Global Writing Competition challenges students and adults from all walks of life to enter and submit an article in which they write about a global issue in the role of a seasoned journalist. Winning articles and selected entries will be published online and in a 2011 book published by Concern and winners will "be among an outstanding community of activists, students, writers and everyday heroes whose words empower and echo around the world".

Purty cool opportunity, people!

Prizes include: a laptop computer, a Kindle e-reader and an MP3 player. Winning essays and selected entries will be published in the Concern Creative Writing Competition book, as well as be featured on Concern’s website and blog.

To find out the details and enter the contest, visit

Check it out!

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