Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Grade: A+

Obtained: Borrowed from a friend.

Age Appropriate? YES.


I love this book. I love the cover--so simple, so bold, like the play itself, and so satisfying to carry around and watch people do double-takes when they see that giant, shameless taboo word that graces the cover: VAGINA. Because that's ultimately what the book is about: Shamelessness. Empowerment. Acceptance. Self-discovery. Beauty.Womanhood. Humanity.

In these pages, Eve Ensler looks at vaginas as no one has before, in a way that exposes the joys of us all as well as the horrors too many women face while keeping up a witty, true dialogue that will make you laugh and cry and gasp and moan. There is so much power here, in the voices of all these women, and that power manifests itself in a worldwide movement--V-Day, a celebration of women, vaginas, and the Monologues that benefits women's organizations all over the world. Now, that is something--this is a book that is not only earth-shaking in its own right, but has turned into a physical force in our world. Wow.

I mean it when I say everyone should read this book. I read it. I'm going to make all of the women in my life read it. I will ask my boyfriend read it. And I'm going to ask you to read it, if you haven't already, or see it performed, or be in it. You will not come back from that experience unaffected.

Oh, and also, VAGINA!


Become involved in V-Day in your community! 
Eve Ensler

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