Viral Mining and Everything You Need to Know About It

In most cases, criminal hackers can find a way to access any computer they set their target on. Information or access rights of that computer will be exploited. There are certain viruses that can infect a PC, stay hidden and mine cryptocurrency without you ever noticing.

There are several different ways of infecting a computer with virus crypto mining:

  • through various messengers (Skype, Twitter, Whatsapp)
  • a false update of the system that the virus and not Windows displays
  • letters by e-mail
  • integration of the Java-script into the browser
  • third-party software.

In that way, it is necessary to be increasingly attentive while mining and be aware of the ways in which the criminals may hurt you.

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What’s happening?

Mining is a way of processing transactions that occur on the network. Such procedure protects data stored in blocks. That is how most blockchain tech works. To start mining you need hardware, electricity, time, and money.

Bitcoin miners get paid for the work they perform on the network, receiving their reward in the form of coins. It is at this stage that hackers or other intruders invade other people’s computers to get coins without the very extraction process. Criminals simply create malware and distribute it through online messengers, emails and dodgy websites.

This dirty method of receiving Bitcoins allows hackers to make money automatically, without any investment, wasting electricity, and buying powerful computers. With the growth of Bitcoin’s market value, it becomes more appealing for hackers to mine the cryptocurrency illegally. Such people are ready to do everything possible to infiltrate your personal computer, which in fact happens all over the world almost every day.

The virus that got on the computer, makes the infected machine mine Bitcoin. And the main drawback is not even the process of making money for you but the fact that the PC starts working at the maximum of its computing power in a constant mode. And this can lead to a quick breakdown or failure of any components.

After the virus is installed on the computer, an outsider gains full control over your computer. The professionals state that it’s unethical to use trojans to extract bitcoins, so it is recommended to be attentive when receiving messages or downloading files from third-party sites (or unofficial software sources). It is necessary to install reliable anti-virus to protect the PC from cyber attacks.

Another cheaper solution is just to be careful when viewing websites, downloading any type of files from unverified sources, opening emails or private messages. You will definitely come across websites that will entice you to click a certain infected link.

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